Sunday, May 18, 2008

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I've been on the Flickr "Faces in Places" group since 8 Octobre 2007 and I never suspected than that I would be now the second largest contributor. I've started to see faces everywhere. Last week came across some webpage where it said that it's a specific brainthing. Some people are not able to see faces in things where others are able. Have forgotten what it really is about. That's one of my "brainthings" at the moment. One of the reasons of my extensive facessearch is to cling on in order to pass the time, that I have to spend waiting for the right doctor to help me cure my B12-problem. A doctor which understands that the defficient/disfunction not only can occur, passing from the stomach/intestants to the blood, but also from the blood to the tissue and therefor can not be meassured by testing the blood on B12. (My doctor suggest it's from a alternative source this information. The B12 foundation does not give any information from alternative sources.) Probably I found this doctor and I will see him next week. Found him thanks to the B12 foundation and forum. A lot of things do not get in my awareness, rememberance, thoughts etc. Beside the nerve damaging, since last week for the firs time I feel a slight loss of feel/sensation in my fingers, this is truly the worst effect. It causes you to feel isolated because you cannot tell anyone how frustrating bad it is, not in the least because you can not grasp it a lot of the times either and you are so confused that you doubt it a lot of time yourself. And for me the isolation was already a fact for a longer period because of my parasiteinfection, my Apneu and the mourning and recoveryperiod I finally greatfully went through after starting to sleep with my sleeping mask (gave me apparently more air/room to experience it), the last six months. And you need a lot of space for yourself to undergo these things and are left with little energy for anything else or too distracting. After the mourning period I clearly feel ready to go on with my life, in that part of my brain. But the sickness gives me too darn little ability to do so, probably would suck the life out of a healthy social person, who works outdoors as well.
Oh well, photographing "Faces in Places" sometimes I saw a almost Face, which needed little adding to make it a face and thus I created the "Arrange-A-Face"-group, which up till now has 6 members and is up till now mainly depending on my contributions. I hope for more enthousiastic contributions and totally different views and also a surprising and or unexpected development in my own arranging of faces.

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